Global Network of Organic

Our partners who believe in our "organic by nature" philosophy in production.

  • Triple J Family Farms

    nlogo-Triple-JTriple J Family Farms is located in the heart of the America’s corn belt and the team is dedicated to providing safe and healthy beef boxes with excellent quality. Born and raised on a farm, the owner of Triple J Family Farms has a history in the beef industry. After earning a college degree in agriculture studies, he went out to work on a ranch in Montana and then off to the U.S. Army where he was a meat inspector. He returned to his Iowa roots to expand the family feedlot and grain farm. In 2011, he started the venture of Triple J Family Farms boxed beef plant. Now Triple J Family Farms employs over 200 people at the plant.

  • FrigoGel, Italy

    nlogo-FrigoGelFrigoGel was born during the 1940s, when the founder Mario Castelli established the first business of Pork meat and related by-products processing and marketing. His passion, knowledge and technique were handed down to two of his sons, Giuseppe and Enzo and they increased the business.
    They set up a dedicated laboratory and a retailing workshop. Their meat shop has still a big local-wide success. Enzo’s son, Fabrizio took over the company later on and their business has been expanding worldwide.

    A picture of Enzo (Big Papa) is used for their logo.

  • Sunterra Farms Alberta, Canada


    Founded by the Price family in 1970, they are representative in Canada as a stockbreeding trader. They handle approximately 12,000 pigs and use various species and combination of pigs under a consistent management structure for breed improvement, reproduction, fostering and animal food development to ensure that the products are relevant to consumer demand.

    From the Berkshire type pork that is most popular amongst Japanese people, to a new type of black pork that has removed the animal odor as much as possible, to the Blackline species that has been improved with its soft and edible texture that elderly people can enjoy, all pork are matched up with the MIC standard for the Japanese and Korean markets.

    Trace has been recorded from the very start in 1993, and we are confident in our quality. 45,000 livestock have been recorded in detail to suit the requests of our consumers as much as possible. Sunterra Meats, Sunterra Market and Feedlot also belong to the Sunterra Group.


    They produce SPF natural pork (Specific Pathogen Free) that is raised with organic philosophy like ours. Sunterra Farm is located in the great Canadian prairie with abundant nature, where clean and beautiful air and pure water from the Rocky Mountains are readily accessible. As proven by its thorough production management, starting from the farm until the final product, the pig-raising technology that the Price family has been cultivating over three generations maximizes quality.

    1. All-Natural Animal Food

    Animal foods centering on barley with no chemicals or additives are produced at the Sunterra farm and supplied to the pigs, leading to the production of pork with the best quality meat to match the preferences of Japanese people.

    2. Comprehensive Hygienic Management

    Under the thorough hygienic management at their own HACCP Certified factory with the latest facilities, butchery and Japanese-style cutting are carried out. These supreme quality meats that pass the CFIA (Canada Food Inspection Agency) inspection are shipped to the Japanese market. Of note, Sunterra Meats won the Canadian Agri-Food Award of Excellence.

  • The 29ers Provision Los Angeles, CA

    This is a HACCP Certified meat factory that the US Department of Agriculture certified. It processes the strictly selected material such as the self-standardized products produced at Sunterra in Canada based on customer needs, and is sold to regional markets in California, Hawaii, Guam and other areas. Led by a highly regarded female factory manager, the female staffs are highly rated for their detail-oriented conscientious work.

  • Highland Foods Seoul, Korea

    Applying the MIC philosophy, the quality pork we developed was introduced for the first time in the Korean market where price is the key and generally given higher priority. From then on, the meat we produced together with our affiliates in Australia and New Zealand for import and sales in Korea came with the organic-hearted philosophy. In 1988, a woman who was sensitive to food decided to take bold action, and founded this young company. It has created a new movement contrary to the old style Korean meat market, and is attracting major attention as it grows dramatically. In fact, its contribution to the Korean meat industry was approved and awarded a prize by the Korean President.

  • Castelfrigo, Italy


    This is the only factory in Italy that specializes in pork back ribs. It processes only the pork back ribs which contain delicious fat that Japanese enjoy, and is extracted from the pork produced for Parma ham in northern Italy. More than 100 containers of back rib pieces are collected weekly and sent to the futuristic meat factory where all processes are precisely controlled by computers, from the introduction of food materials, to manufacturing, all the way to shipment. MIC was the first to import their products to Japan in 2008. Their pork rib, which is shaped to a special standard, was introduced to the Japanese market, and its sales have exceeded all expectations.

  • Green Vision (Becker Lane Farm) Dyersville, Iowa


    When we visited the producer of organic pork, Mr. Jude Becker, at his farm in 2005, he said as follows:

    “My neighboring pig producer think I am strange to do something silly like something organic.”

    We said: “We would like you to continue your efforts because we are positive that the organic era will come sooner or later. Let’s join hands to explore the opportunities within the Japanese market!”

    He accepted our request and promised to supply the USDA Certified organic berkshire pig to the Japanese market.

    These days, the demand for organic meat within America has grown in double digits, while his farm has expanded greatly. Becker’s products are supplied to Whole Foods market as well as renowned restaurants in Chicago and San Francisco. Their breeding method was approved, and has been certified even by AWA(Animal Welfare Approved). Plus, they were featured on the popular Oprah Winfrey talk show as “organic beyond organic.”

    The awareness of things organic in Japan has been raised, and more fans are longing for this organic berkshire pork which we deliver.

  • Shibata Nouen Yuzawa, Akita

    In snowy Akita, they have been producing rice, vegetables and fruits for 35 years, and their quality products have sold by word of mouth. Today, most of their products grown at their farm are delivered to the same homes nationwide year after year. Cherries, apples, rice, Japanese parsley, edible wild plants and various pickles are their representative products. Their ancestor’s philosophy is inherent in their current farming style. Now, the brother who manages “Organix” is the sales agent for these products.
    For inquiries about their quality products, please contact +81-43-308-5293.