Macsei Industries Corporation Macsei Industries Corporation Macsei Industries Corporation Macsei Industries Corporation Macsei Industries Corporation

MACSEI has been servicing customers based on our "organic by nature" philosophy since we were founded, and our motto is to "cohabit" with farmers around the world.

We raise our quality live stock together with first-rate, reliable farmers.

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    Delivering the bets meats from America, Canada and Italy to Japan

    We ship more naturally grown pork from Canada, USDA certified organic pork from America, fatty rich pork that Japanese people prefer most from Italy. We deliver them weekly to Japan by either marine containers or airfreight.

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    The Most Thorough Product Management

    All the products that we supply are of very high quality that meet exceptional standards. Working closely together with our farmers and processing plants over the years, we have surpassed our competitors in developing superior products that are proper for different markets. MIC staffs visit the contract farms and processing plants in Canada, Italy and America regularly to provide guidelines for production and to ensure total quality management. Every effort is made to maintain the highest level of safety and freshest taste.

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    To the table

    We at MIC (MACSEI Industries Corporation) manage the exporting business of safe and delicious meat, while our affiliated companies in Japan (Organix, Inc. and Sunterra Foods) are in charge of product sales for the needs of Japanese customers.

    Our extensive customer base in Japan ranges from wholesalers, supermarkets and restaurants to mail-order businesses.

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